By March 5
Vote Yes on N
Support our Hospital
Protect our Community
Protect Local Healthcare
Stand Up for our Hospital


We need your support!

We need your support!

The campaign to pass Measure N is a local volunteer effort. Measure N requires 66.7% approval to win and we are expecting a close election. No hospital resources may be used to campaign for Measure N, so community support and a robust grassroots volunteer program will be critical to our success. Securing affordable access to local healthcare, and better supporting our talented and dedicated local nurses and doctors is dependent on our supporters giving a few hours of time to this important campaign.

Endorse Our Campaign

Join healthcare workers, local leaders, first responders and community members by adding your name to our list of local supporters! Please fill out your name, a title and organization if applicable, and whether or not you’re endorsing as an individual or organization. 


The campaign to pass Measure N is a local volunteer effort. Every vote will count in this close election! Thank you for volunteering to give a few hours of your time to this important campaign.


Let the world know how much you love Watsonville Community Hospital. Request a lawn sign to show your support for Measure N to protect local healthcare in our community.

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